Detoxifies, promotes health, sweating and weight loss, softens bath water, mellows cold and flu symptoms, calms nausea


FOR: all skin types


TO USE: Add 1 – 2 scoops (or according to your liking) of bath soak into your bath, while the water is running. Bath for 15 – 30 min. Allow your body to perspire. To prevent dizziness, drink plenty of water.


INGREDIENTS: sodium bicarbonate, ginger powder

500 ml


We offer you to packaging options:

In Glass – 500ml brown glass container. Advantage here is that the glass is the best long term storing material. It’s also recyclable. Disadvantage is that it’s heavy and difficult for the transport.


In Plastic – 500ml brown PET container. It’s not the ideal material for a long term storage and even though reusable, not really recyclable. But it’s much lighter and easy for the transport.



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